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Monday, April 24, 2006

Jag Panzer - Ample Destruction

Jag Panzer - Ample Destruction (1984)
1. Licensed To Kill
2. Warfare
3. Symphony Of Terror
4. Harder Then Steel
5. Generally Hostile
6. The Watching
7. Reign Of The Tyrants
8. Cardiac Arrest
9. The Crucifix


Anonymous Anonymous said...

man this is killer!! only other Jag Panzer I have is Casting the Stones, how does the rest of their catalog stand compared to this?

4:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Total killer! One of the best pure metal lp's of the 80's, in fact of all time! Unfortunately they never achieved that level anymore.

Grtz, Danny

7:52 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

somebody maybe have textures album: drawing circles with a download link....thank you...

11:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Killer!! Thanks

5:36 PM

Anonymous Alain said...

Of thier most recent releases Thane To The Throne is the best.
As for the older stuff Ample Destruction is my fav. Everthing else goes from good to very good. Check out Decade OF the Nailed Spike Bat which is thier old material rerecorded recently.The reason is thier ex guitarist was asking to much cash to reissue some of the old recording on CD so they redid new version. actallu Ample Destruction is one of those recordings affect by that little situation.

6:05 PM

Anonymous zaimi said...

One of the defining moments of 80's american heavy metal.Their 90's albums are also great.If you like them you should also search for Titan Force.Pure metal post.

1:17 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


1:53 AM


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