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Monday, May 22, 2006

DevilDriver - The Fury of Our Makers Hand

DevilDriver - The Fury of Our Makers Hand (2005) (Metalcore/Thrash)
1. End of the Line
2. Driving Down the Darkness
3. Grinfucked
4. Hold Back the Day
5. Sin & Sacrifice
6. Ripped Apart
7. Pale Horse Apocalypse
8. Just Run
9. Impending Disaster
10. Bear Witness Unto
11. Before the Hangman's Noose
12. The Fury of Our Maker's Hand


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this motherfucking file is a fake...it actually some fucking cheap tamil album..please do not download it...its fake...and deathking u better die..for uploading such fake albums...EAMF..fucking stoner...bloody was a big waste of time downloading it
die motherfucker...whoever corrupted this file.._|_

11:09 PM

Anonymous WannaBuyAChicken said...

omg, donĀ“t post such shit, this is the real devildriver album and NO fake

so next time shut up

and YOU: download this album, it rox
(or better buy it ;P)

6:49 AM


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