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Monday, December 25, 2006

Primal Fear - Black Sun

  • Artist: Primal Fear
  • Album: Black Sun
  • Year: 2002
  • Style: Speed/Power Metal
  • MA Rating: 8.2/10
  • Quality: 320kbps
  • Tracklist & Info
  • Uploaded by: DeathKing

Merry fuckin Christmas, enjoy the albums


Blogger Marko said...

hey thx for all!!

really a good work bye!!

10:59 AM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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primal fear rulez

12:40 AM

Blogger Chris said...

i rate this a 9/10. thanks boss

10:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nice album, 9/10 easy

9:57 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I Like!!! Thank you from Kazakhstan!

8:24 PM


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